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I am 58 years of age, and divorced. My two kids are graduated from G.U. west
campus at Carrollton, Ga. They still live there and are both working in thier
chosen professions. My son Billy is a paramedic/E.M.T. working on ambulances and
in E.R.s. My daughter Christie Lee is in Law Enforcement and they live together
in her house she purchased last year or so. He works 72 hrs a week and Christie
Lee has a second job as a photographers assistant/co-ordinator.
I have been
disabled/retired for 10 years. First I had liver disease and now from the Grace
of God I have a new healthy liver. “Donate your organs” Now I suffer from
P.A.H., a condition of the heart and lungs, which we believe is resultant from
the initial liver disease. I am on O2 24/7 and take more meds than you would
But I am surrounded by friends & family and have a decent income
from my SSD and 401K annuity. I spent 25 years as a phototechnical engineer and
when I had to retire at 48 years of age my 401K was quite substantial. I am
fortunate and grateful for all these many blessings as I have described. God
Bless you all and have a great life ! 😀


peace gecko

don’t think it ain’t ’cause it’s comin’ every day
bloody red streets of fantastic l.a.

jump on up and headed for the door
take a look around you are on the killin’ floor

lord have mercy won’t you meet me in the air
if my wings failed me will you have another pair

when I think about it all I don’t ever frown
things will seem better from six feet down



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Huckaby in 2012

I like Mike ! Hope he announces soon, he’s exactly the right man for the job IMHO.

B.O. gotta go !!  We like Mike !!

Spread the word friends & nieghbors !

Sunny & mid 70′ today here , hope y’all are having a good day wherever you are !



Happy All Fools Day ! I got my brother good 1st thing this morning. Glad he has a sense of humor he-he-he… @_KRANSDEL is me at Twitter by the way. Got another blog at where some of my tweets get re-posted, plus my occaisional inane ravings to amuse and disinform.

Met a new geek today, here at the house, we exchanged pertinent info & so I hope we become friends. I know so few geeks like me in this town, wonderful & lovely as she is. I grew up in St. Louis and lived in Atlanta, Ga. almost 20 yrs. So there was some culture shock upon my return to my tiny hometown of Hannibal, Mo. here. I used to BBS in Atlanta before Windows and The Web, back when the internet was purely textual and GUI had not been dreamed up yet. I miss the BBS thing, met an awful lot of cool people doing that. The Web ( Net ) took over and it continues to amaze us so, what the hell, right?

He ( the new geek friend ) lives in Frankfurt, Mo., some 15-20 miles from here I suppose. We talked tech. for a good 30 minutes & he can hold his own in a tech-conversation which is great. Anyway…..

My new iPad 2 should be here in less than 2 weeks, I hope parts hold out over there, I’ve heard negative rumblings but trying to ignore. Hell I’m an optimist, right? Right. Thats about all I got today, have a good one. And remember, Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end. Yet.



The morale of the story
The morale of the song
Is you should never be found out
Where you do not belong



The whole world is going nuts. Join the club, says I. None of you will ever be as crazy as this loon, try as you might.

So kiss my arse, and try some other activity, like say, helping each other, or, being nice to someone every day. The King of Krazy has spoken. Now get lost.


Hello again. Go to
http://stingaree.livejournal for todays blog please. I am not feeling well and hitting the sack.


Happy Tuesday. It’s raining here, thunderstorms all day according to TWC. Stormy Tuesday’s just as bad….

Why don’t we get our coalition together and go blast the hell out of Korea while we’re at it. call it, I don’t know, WWIII ? China wouldn’t mind, would they? Hey B.O. whataya think? Oh that’s right, he don’t think, he just does what Hillary & Michelle tell him to do.

Guess I’m going to have to put off my planned vacation in Tokyo this Spring. I’m allergic to radioactive fallout. Maybe I’ll go to Tripoli instead, probably safer there. Maybe I’ll just stay home and watch the wars on T.V.

How are you liking the Stargate Universe season so far? I like it, can’t wait to see God. Is it just me, or does Lou Diamond Phillips‘ face conitnue to look more and more like E.T. ? Maybe it’s all part of an underlying storyline. Maybe God is an enormous Reeses piece, standing one toke over the edge of infinity. Maybe I need another Atavan/Xanax cocktail.

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn ya, and keep yer powder dry. Later….


Purchased a new hp laptop today, can’t wait to get my hands on it. A dv6qte for only $969 with a coupon code I scooped up , and with tax & 2 day shipping the total was only$1057. It has the 2nd gen Intel i7 Quad core at 3.0 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, ! GB ati graphics, and 1 TB hard drive.

Needless to say, I’m kinda excited. It’s nearly twice the machine my old dv6 is, and for LESS $$$ !! Win 7 home premium of course, all networked to my other 3 computers and my iPhone with a wireless broadband router off of a very fast cable service.